What is short-codes.com?

Short-codes.com is a UK number reservation and allocation system managed and run by the Shortcode Management Group (SCMG), consisting of Hutchison 3G UK Ltd. (Three), Telefonica UK Ltd (O2), Vodafone UK Ltd and EE. The number ranges available from short-codes.com consist of five digit numbers and have been approved for mobile network operator (MNO) use by Ofcom.

Providers of mobile services and marketers that require their services to run using shortcodes will need shortcodes to be allocated from short-codes.com. The allocation of a shortcode guarantees its exclusive use (subject to commercial agreements) across all UK MNOs and some virtual network operators (MVNOs).

The companies that operate shortcode services in the UK and that have commercial arrangements with MNO’s and MVNO’s are known as Service Providers or Aggregators. Companies or individuals wishing to reserve shortcodes must do so through their chosen service provider.

The SCMG have been successfully managing and running Short-codes.com since 2006. We formed the SCMG to manage the availability of common shortcodes and to agree on guidelines relating to services that will operate on these shortcodes. These guidelines have been published as the ‘Code of Practice for Service delivery of Common shortcodes in the UK’ and are available for download from this site in the useful information section.

The code of practice and the allocation of any shortcode does not guarantee commercial service availability. The enabling of shortcode services on any individual mobile network will be subject to commercial terms between service providers and the individual MNO or MVNO.