Frequently Asked Questions

1. What short code ranges are available?
2. How long will my short code be reserved for?
Short codes are reserved for 3 months.
3. What will happen at the end of the 3 month reservation period?
After 2.5 months you will receive an automatic reminder advising that your short code will be released unless you activate it on more than one network. If you do not activate your short code on more than one network before the end of the 3 month period then it will automatically be released without further notification.
4. What are the costs involved?
Reservation of short codes is free for 3 months, although you will be expected to connect your short code to more than one network during this time to ensure your short code is not released. The cost of connection and short codes is different for each network. Please contact the network you wish to connect to for more information.
5. How long will it take to get my short code live?
Timescales for connection and activation of short codes vary — from a couple of days to 3 weeks — depending on your requirements and the network involved. Please contact each network separately for a detailed timescale.
6. What is the process for moving short codes between Service Providers?
The Service Provider should send a written request, stating the code number, existing Service Provider name and proposed new Service Providers name to your existing Service Provider with a copy to your new Service Provider. Your new Service Provider will then be able to request the transfer of that code via the transfer system on In case of any difficulty contact your Lead Operator.
7. What if I only want to activate my short code on 1 network?
Short codes from the common short code ranges must be activated on more than one network. If you only wish to activate your short code on one network you will need to arrange for the network to provide you with a different short code.
8. Why are there reserved ranges?
The reserved ranges are there for future developments. These ranges will remain reserved until further notice and short codes will not be allocated from within this range for any reason.
9. Can I have a short code other than those in the common range for example a 4 digit short code?
To request 4, 6, 7, 8 digit short codes you need to contact each individual network operator for further details however not all networks will connect short codes from outside the Common Short Code ranges so you will not be able to operate a truly Cross Network service.
10. If a short code is showing as already reserved for another 3rd party, is there any way I can request to reserve this code?
Click on the interest link to the right of the code you will then be advised by email if and when the code is released. Please note that a number of companies may express an interest and reservations will be on a first come first served basis.
11. Can I activate a short code which I already have active for SMS through a different aggregator for a different service such as Voice?
Yes, as long as the short code is reserved in your name you can activate it for whichever service through whichever aggregator you wish, providing there are no network limitations (see question 19). If the short code is not reserved in your name and is reserved in the aggregators name you will need to gain their permission to activate the short code via a different aggregator for a different service. This will be requested in writing from the networks.
12. If I already have a short code reserved or active for SMS, can it be used for other services such as Voice?
Yes, although there are some network specific limitations on which services can be offered. Please check upon reservation which services your short code can be enabled for.