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What is is a UK number reservation and allocation system managed and run by the Shortcode Management Group (SCMG), consisting of Hutchison 3G UK Ltd. (Three), Telefonica UK Ltd (O2), Vodafone UK Ltd and Everything Everywhere.

What is the Short Codes Management Group?

The shortcode management group consists of the 4 UK Mobile Network Operators, Hutchison 3G Ltd, Everything Everywhere, Vodafone UK Ltd and Telefonica UK Ltd.

What's new? has been completely revamped in July 2011, providing greater security for the databases, enhanced features and more information on the uses of this service.

Charity Codes

Charity Short codes are a range of short codes in the 70000 to 70999 range. Service providers and Charities should use this range to make their donation facility distinguishable from other short code services. These codes can now be reserved directly from this site.

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